External calendar (webcal) sync & edit

I have discovered this website yesterday I can already say it works great and provide some much interesting features ! I just love it :heart_eyes:

Still trying to discover all I can do with it. While I have added an external calendar, I don’t find where I can remove it or edit the link.

Then I have edited my external calendar from external app (trainerroad) but I can’t see the changes reflected in intervals.icu (but see those in google calendar for example), even one day after. Is there any option to fore the external calendar to refresh ? “Look for new activities” did not refresh it.

Below two weeks should not be empty

Thanks! You need to click “Options” on that page and then the “refresh” icon next too “Nicolas TR Calendar”:

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Awesome !! thank you for your responsiveness and the great job !

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On this topic, @david. I’ve linked my Today’s Plan calendar and perhaps due to timezone difference, my rides for tomorrow are showing as being for today. But this is not the rule and some are shown on the correct day. Any ideas on this? The Trainerroad calendar loads and syncs perfectly for me.

Please point me at one that is correct and one that is on the wrong day. The Todays Plan calendar entries have times whereas the TrainerRoad ones do not. So there is scope for fun with timezones (again!).

Easiest if I use a picture.
The calendar import usually places the activity a day soon for me. So Tuesday’s planned ride will show in Intervals as a Monday activity.

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I have had a closer look at this. The Todays Plan calendar export has dates and times in UTC and no timezone information. Thats why activities scheduled for early in the morning for you in Australia (GMT+10:00) are showing up on the previous day in Intervals.icu.

I probably need to add a timezone field to the calendar import for calendars with times in UTC. I can default that to the timezone from your most recent activity (Strava supplies that). This will break if you travel to a different timezone for a race or something but thats a weakness of the Todays Plan calendar or maybe just the export. Calendar events in Intervals.icu are stored with dates as text (e.g. 2020-01-17) which makes them “timezone free” to avoid this problem.

Most of these platforms work with a specific time for your (planned) workout. If anyone here is on Xert, you will know how quickly that gets ugly.

I have also noticed that if I do a virtual ride in Canada, Garmin Connect will use the TZ of where the ride was, whereas Strava - correctly - puts the same ride in my own local TZ…

I have fixed this. Intervals.icu will use the timezone from your most recent activity when importing calendars using UTC timestamps and not providing any timezone info. It seems to work but please refresh your Todays Plan calendar and check.

I also added parsing for T-Score and activity time + cleaned up the activity names a bit.

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@david, you are an absolute legend! Thank you very much. I’ve refreshed the calendar link and so far so good. I really appreciate the amazing work you’ve put in. And other good news; Intervals.icu is becoming popular with my Aussie mates :partying_face:


I’ve published my Garmin calendar and copied the link into intervals.icu - entries are there now, but no details. I suppose this is a Garmin thing, but you have any idea why? Nothing worth losing sleep over - I just tried this as a test, because I use Xert for my training schedule anyway…

The Garmin calendar has very little information for each entry. Here is what there is for the “Breakaways (3 Times)” entry:

SUMMARY:Breakaways (3 Times)

The other calendars include the type of activity, planned time, estimated TSS, T-Score and other things I can parse out. Can you maybe get a calendar link directly from Xert?

I don’t think so, no. Besides, Xert’s approach is (also) different, in that you do not necessarily fill your calendar with planned workouts. You can, if you need to see your training load figures etc for the next weeks/months, but it’s better to pick a suggested workout every day you actually do work out. Life often interferes with your schedule and you cannot stick to it. Xert takes care of that by adapting the suggested workouts for the following days…

Like I expected, a Garmin thing, so forget it - I was just curious to see if Garmin’s calendar would work :sunglasses: