Erratic timeline zwipe?

When I horizontally swipe/scroll my timeline graph, a nice feature is the popup of done activities with details per date. Refer to example.

Problem is selecting ánd staying on a specific day with activity popup when found.
Since the moment I release my finger from the desired found activity/day, many times I loose the selected activity popup. :frowning:

Can you please fix this sensitive behavior a/o e.g. add additional L/R scroll buttons per +/- month/week/day, so with thick fingers on Smartphone its easier to find, select ánd hold a specific activity/day position on the timeline?

Big tx!

You can ´lock´ that specific day by a short tap.
Swipe to the day of interest, release your finger and quick tap to lock.

well that sometimes does work, many times not on my iPhone13mini.

Really, its already hard to scroll to a specific day on an iPhone by sliding your thick finger, it many times overshoots the date you want. Even fully concentrated, w.o. (trying to) tremor, you barely can hold it to the day you want and then it’s even harder to quickly “double click” by quickly tapping your scrolling finger twice and not loosing that specific day with activity popup you’re looking for in the tapping process also!

Again, I’m talking Smartphone size here while on the move in your hand, not iPad or bigger. On bigger screens stable on a surface such double tab gestures are easy of course