Enhanced groups in progress

I am busy converting group chats into groups. These will have their own pages on the site where members can share workouts, training plans etc. with the group + post content, and of course chat.

Currently groups (group chats) are not searchable and someone has to add you before you can see the group.

I am adding an option to make a group public. This will make it show up in search results and non-members will be able to see its page (but not chat messages). They can they ask to join and a group admin needs to approve.

All existing groups will not be public. If you have a group chat on Intervals.icu that you would like to be public when this launches (this week likely) please let me know. It would be nice for this to start off with some searchable groups to be found!


First version of this has been deployed. You can ask to join a group by clicking one of the admins. They will get a message with a yes/no prompt.

If you have a group and want it to show up in the “promoted” list like “60+” let me know. If you want your group to be searchable edit its settings and tick the box.


Forgot to mention that groups also have slugs now for nicer links:


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It works!.
In its infantry our group just grew with 6 participants …

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How to get group shown in groups front page, like this 60+ is?

Just go to the group and mail the address from the address bar to david@intervals.icu. Tx.