Elevation as a Weekly Goal / Targets

It would be helpful to be able to set total elevation gain (or climbing), as a goal for the week for different activities.



I agree, I like to do a certain amount of elevation every week/month.

I have added that to the todo list. Tx.


Another good option would be to have totals in the Activities > List view which would help here. This way you could look at a time period of choice weekly, monthly, custom etc elevation totals for Activity type.

See screenshot i.e. cycling elevation in August shown. Could also be good for other fields, but some might be better as average or maximum, i.e. max heart rate showing the max heartrate for the time period, and others may be better for average, like HRRc, that way you could easily see if your HRRc is below or above average for certain activities within the time period.


Hi guys I made a chart that you can customise that I am using in the interim.

I have shared it to public and it is called cycling elevation. I have set it for 30 day rolling total and my target elevation.

You can change it to 7 day and add your target elevation.


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Hi Wazc23, where can I find this chart? Sorry if this common knowledge, I am new to Intervals ICU and still need to learn alot. Thanks!

Fitness page - Options. Click on the looking glass Chart button and search for elevation. @Wazc23 's chart should show up for selection.

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Just here to say I would also like this.