Editing Elevation (Stryd & Treadmill)

Perhaps I’m missing something but it there a way edit elevation gain/loss? I spend a lot of time running on the treadmill to prepare for hilly ultras and alpine climbing. I use a Stryd pod to record power and elevation on the treadmill, and when that transmits from the Stryd App to Strava the elevation data is lost.

Has anyone had success with sending Stryd elevation data from the App to Strava? Or, is there a way to manually edit elevation gain/loss in intervals.ICU?

When I upload from Stryd to TrainingPeaks the elevation data is preserved. But so far as I can tell there’s no way to directly upload to Intervals.ICU.

Thanks in advance.

Currently you can’t edit elevation gain in Intervals.icu. I have contacted Stryd re an API for Intervals.icu to get activities directly. Will see what they say …

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I received a response:

I’m sorry but we do not have a public API.

There may be an issue with Strava’s ability to read the treadmill elevation data that we record. This is likely due to how Strava reads fit files. Strava usually does not take the word of the fit file to be correct on pace, distance, and elevation. Strava typically uses its own maps to determine those metrics. I suspect that Strava accepts pace and distance from treadmill files but not the elevation for a treadmill file. However, you will have to confirm with Strava to be sure.

I am not familiar with intervals.ICU but it looks like this service should be able to download .fit files. Because we do not have a public API nor a formal partnership with intervals.ICU, you will have to manually download Stryd files to this service.

I have asked for access to their “non public” API :slight_smile:

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