Eddington Number

I would like to request the Eddington number. There are a couple sites out there that calculate it but they tend to be unreliable and glitchy. For those who do not know, Eddington number is the intersection where the greatest frequency and highest mileage in a single recorded ride are equal. E.g. If I have recorded 75 miles at least 75 times, my Eddington number is 75. To increase Eddington number you must record as many rides as there are miles in the ride… 100 x imperial centuries, etc… Not sure where this would fit on intervals, perhaps the Totals tab. It doesn’t add any analytical benefit to training, but it is a fun, arbitrary metric. Thanks for your consideration.

The totals tab can be filtered by custom date ranges, so it might not be best suited on that page, unless it’s part of the filtered range.

The profile page might be a better place, where a number of athlete stats can be shared (for those that want it). Example would be the StatsHunters site, but using the data from Intervals.icu instead of only Strava.

you can simply check veloviewer. it is extremely well done over there.