[EBook] Tracking Cycling Fitness with Intervals.icu

Hello all.

I really like Intervals.icu, it is a fantastic platform but learning how to use it may not be an easy task.

While Intervals.icu offers extensive documentation through forum threads and hints, finding specific information can be overwhelming.

That is why I just finished writing an eBook/guide called “Tracking Cycling Fitness with Intervals.icu” with the idea of giving a step by step guide on how to get started using the platform by first explaining some key fitness concepts followed by how to properly enter your settings and connecting your device, then see how you can analyze your activity data and finally, how to read and use the Fitness Chart.

I am using cycling as it is the sport I do, but it may be also applied to other sports.

To write it, I scrolled through several forum threads and hundreds (literally) of posts gathering the relevant information for each topic and summarized it so that it would be easier to set up or properly understand what a feature does.

Before writing this, I let David know about the eBook to ask for his approval to post it here as I do not intend to spam the forum, which he kindly accepted.

You can get it from Gumroad following this link

It is currently available in English and I am working in the Spanish version as well.

I am aware there are very savvy people in this forum who both know the platform and fitness concepts very well, but I am sure there are a lot of users who may benefit from this guide.

Thank you


Waiting spanish version, saludos.

Thanks very much for putting this together!

Thanks to you David. I hope it will be helpful for the platform users.
The Spanish version is ready, I am about to post it.

@xuse92 It is ready, you may see it here

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Awesome!! I’ve been wanting something like this for a bit … the forums are great (though IMO semi-random - what people are asking/doing/thinking about/etc. … not necessarily organized for someone relatively new like me!)

There is a guides section that covers the things needed for getting started.

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Thank you

@ David_R
Yes, I am aware but as they are forum posts based you have to do a lot of searching to find what you want. For example, when I knew that planned workouts were available for Wahoo, I had to scroll over 800 posts to learn how to create planned workouts in ICU and then how to send them to the device.
The idea of this guide is to be a straight forward, step by step how to.
Thank you for your comments.

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