E-bike Rides & Rider Power

I’ve just added an e-Bike to my stable and I’m not getting the full power analysis in Intervals.
I’ve got a pedal based power meter on it so my Garmin is picking up MY power and not the bikes.
I have set up E-bike as an activity in intervals and set it as 100% fitness and 99% Fatigue (when I put in 100% for fatigue the category disappears!).
It picks up the Load from Power (in this example 44 as opposed to the HR power of 56) But no other power data is shown, kJ’s, time in zone etc.
I started the activity in Garmin as an E-bike activity but as I hadn’t set up the data screens correctly before the ride I changed it to Road Cycling mid Ride on the fly so to speak.
Am I doing something wrong or is it meant to work like this?

I see you did add “E-Bike Ride” to “Ride” in /settings. You just needed to do Actions → Reprocess File after that. I did that and all the zones etc are there.

The fatigue/fitness settings disappear if you enter 100% for both because that is the default.

That’s great David, many thanks