Duplicate whole Plan

To create a new plan for a different athlete or season, a button / option to duplicate an entire plan would be cool. So that you don’t have to create the whole plan from scratch, but only have to enter the changes and do not make changes to the active plan.

I am going to add that. But you can dup a plan now: Create a new plan and drag and drop the plan you want to copy onto the new plan.

Great, i didn´t know that workaround. looks fine enough. maybe to prevent further questions a extra option, button will help. but for now your answer helps 100%.
I know wrong topic here, but short question about it… is there a milestone about distance target in workouts in sight?

Yes I will do that soon. I has been much requested and I understand the importance for running. Its a bit tricky which is why I haven’t done it already.

There is now a menu option to duplicate a plan: