Duplicate Week in Fitness section

Hi All,

I am starting to plan for the next season, and realized that within my blocks, the weeks typically are very similar, just with progressive overload. Is it possible to enter say all workouts for one week in the Fitness section, and then duplicate this week? One would then only have to click on each activity and adjust the duration/load.


You can create a “training plan” containing just that week, drag and drop it for each week, then modify the workouts on your calendar.

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Edit: I found out how to copy a single workout, which given the nice layout of the Activities in week view, is already a huge help.

Thank you for the reply David. Maybe a newbie question, but how do I drag that week?

You drag the plan from your library and drop it on the calendar. I tried to make a screenshot of that without much luck!

Within the plan structure can you change it form a 7-day micro-cycle to a 9-day one for example? It would be useful for masters/veterans who need more recovery.

You can do that. The training plan “week” can be 9 days (extend into 2nd week) and you can drop it on whatever start day you like (doesn’t have to be a Monday).