Drop outs appearing as non-zero (an unfixable)?

I am having an issue with my Wahoo SYSTM workouts, coming in through Strava, where the dropouts import as “non-zero” type numbers at something like 10% of the power number that was adjacent to it. Because of this, I cannot correct the drop-out because it is non-zero. This happens with power and cadence. I am running a Wahoo Kickr over ANT+ into a Windows PC.

Does anyone else have a problem like this? I feel like it’s something with the new SYSTM - I always had dropouts before, but they were real drop outs and equalled zero. When I look at the ride in SYSTM, there are many fewer dropouts and all the ones there are at “zero” which would be correctable.



Thats a pain. They are probably doing some smoothing. Intervals.icu uses the power trace as is from Strava so it is likely the same there. Can you get a raw file out of SYSTM and upload it?

I don’t see the same issue with Wahoo SYSTM, but I’m also using a very different setup.