Delete workout from plan "yes & others"

hi @david not a big issue, but thougth I’d raise nonetheless:

i have a training plan, and halfway through, I had to stop executing it.
with all future sessions already in the agenda, I decided to delete them. I then picked the option “yes & others” (very happy this option exists). Doing so all sessions were removed. That is, also the ones I had executed to that point. Maybe there should be an extra option or a pop-up asking if only future sessions should be removed vs also ones in the past (the recording and the planned workout were “coupled” as well if that makes any difference). It didn’t touch the actual recordings of my workouts, so that’s ok, I just can’t compare my “actual” to the “target” of my structured workouts.
I do realise the best way to fix this is for me not to stop executing midway a plan :slight_smile:


Ooh sorry about that. I have added a checkbox (default ticked) to not delete “others” before the one being deleted: