Cycling power curve not identifying best efforts

Pretty certain this will be user error but my cycling power curves for previous seasons don’t seem to be identifying my best efforts. Eg in 2021 I was doing 20min Zwift crits at 320W but this isn’t showing. Maybe an effect of not having ridden much or at any intensity this year?

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?



Post a screenshot, and I’m sure others could possibly assist.

Here are some screen shots. First Power curves for this and previous seasons

But here’s an example of a Zwift race from July 2021

Interestingly, when I analysed this race again Power isn’t showing in the single lap but is in the summary at the top.

On the last screenshot:
If you open the activity, click on the workout name, what does it say under the Type?
It should be Virtual Ride

Yes Virtual Ride is set.

Phew this one gave me a a fright! The issue is that the “Ride” sport in /settings doesn’t have “Virtual Ride” as a type. I have added it and now your Zwift rides are being included. Don’t know how that happened though.

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Was it John only, or everyone?
My virtual rides are there.

Just John I think. I did check a few others!


Always knew I was an edge case :slight_smile: Probably me messing around with settings broke it somehow! Thanks David, now I have my 2020 & 2021 numbers to aspire to.