Custom location in weather forecast


I found the weather gadget on the map quite useful, thanks for coming up with that. I think it can be enhanced with the option to put a custom location (e.g. by city name) so you can ‘monitor’ how the weather forecast is gonna be at a certain location (let’s say you planned a bike trip and need to make adjustments based on the weather forecast). Of course, you are pinned down to the location you have set, but would be nice to have the option to customize a certain location for a certain amount of time.

This can be also helpful for digital nomads that can work from other locations whilst carrying their bikes with them for days or weeks at a time. Selecting a date interval to set a custom location would be also great.

Just add a second location by city name. And delete that location after the event.
I´ve done that recently.

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Yes as @MedTechCD says do Options → Weather on the calendar page and add extra locations. You can search for city name or enter custom latitude and longitude.

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Ah, perfect @david @MedTechCD, I didn’t know of this option, problem solved! Awesome!