Couch for athletes

I’m a coach and I wanted to send trainings to my athletes and see their fitness and results is possible on your platform

Yes, as long you are friends you can see all data

Yes to see their data you need to follow them (they need to approve). To make changes to their settings, plan etc. they need to make you a coach. You need to get them to signup on, then go to your /athletes page and click “Add Athletes”. Or they can click “Add Coach” and look for you.

my athlete have a wahoo like i have bryton. Is there any way to pass the workouts to the gps

At the moment automatic uploading of workouts only works for Garmin devices via Garmin Connect. You might be able to download an mrc or erg file and upload to the device. I haven’t done .fit file export for workouts yet but that is on the todo list.

Ok thans David!
I think this is very important for those who don’t have Garmin