Converting activity into workout plan

It would be great to convert past activity into plan workout. Lets’ say I regularly make a route where I’m trying to match effort (HR zones, tempo,…). And when I plan next activity I would like to use “last best” activity to be plan for my workout.
Simply: To drag and drop activity into future date in calendar where it would create plan workout with zone intervals, effort, intensity as it was in that activity.
Or maybe there is similar future already, but I don’t know how to use it.

This is indeed already possible. Just make sure that your finished activity has all intervals as you like and drag it into a folder in the Workout Library

From there you can use it as any structured workout and drag it onto your calendar.

NB. Your suggestion would be a nice future ease of use addition which feels intuitive as we can already ‘drag and drop’ copy workouts using the Alt key.

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