Compute best power with 0W padding

Let say your best 60m is 200W and you rode 58 minutes at 220W. It would make sense to update your best 60m with 213W average because that would probably be the result if you filled the .fit with 0W records.

PS: I have a 59m46s ride at 264W average and my best 60m is at 246W…

It’s not so easy to do that. I need to store the power curve as is so you can see the drop off at 60m and for calculating TTE etc and the “best efforts” are pulled directly from the curve. I would need to walk back along the curve to see if a shorter effort gave higher avg power and then “best 60m” wouldn’t match the power curve which would be confusing.

The model curve is trying to do something like this, surely? And could be even better if it used points further out along the duration axis.