Comparing zone distribution from a season to another


I would find useful to compare the time distribution of HR or power zones from a season to another.

For example next year I’d like to crank up a bit my time in Z2 at the expense of Z1, would be cool to have a comparison filter like for the power curve.



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That would be cool and is now on the todo list. Right now you could use 2 browser windows, one under the other to compare.


Thank you David :slight_smile:

The cool thing about a specific feature is to underline the difference in %age and absolute numbers


Hello, is it still on your todo list :smiley: ? Thanks

It is but the list is rather long … this would be cool though.

Ok thanks

I do this already using the compare tab. I set up a season, compare time in zone, and have a rolling chart, I can also compare multiple seasons if I want.

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Thanks I will give it a try.
I was looking for a table like I posted at the beginning of the thread


sorry to grab a very old topic, but since it’s “summary of the year” and “good resolutions” times I tried to have a look again at time spent in Z2.

One issue I see is if change the definition of zones across seasons without pushing the update button in the setting page… So again, I would find super interesting to ask in absolute value. For example, I’d love to see the time spent between 180 and 220 watts or between 138-142 bpm across seasons

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Hello David,

I am pushing for a little up here :slight_smile: this piece data still counts for me

So if one day there is a chance to deliver it it would make my day :slight_smile:


Sorry, I’d like to know if you still find this idea somewhat doable or useful ?
Thank you David :slight_smile:

Rémi aka nfkb

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As David mentioned, use two windows to view the data side by side.
Here is an example of 2022 vs 2023 (both from 01-Jan to today).