Commute Detection

Here’s a new one.

How about automatically flag rides that are commutes?

User inputs home and work locations as points. Then set say a 1mile buffer around this and look for rides that start at one and end at the other maybe have length within 20% of the straight line distance as another filter.

I might have a go to do it via the API in R/Python too.

Be good to toggle totals and fitness with commutes on and off.

Is the ‘commute’ flag imported from Strava? If so, you can use to set it there.


That’s pretty neat actually. It also has another feature I was thinking of for selecting gear for things where there’s cadence but not power etc.

Be good to move away from Strava dependencies but will definitely check this out.

I assume you can hide gear on strava?

Does filter out activities that are marked as ‘Commute’ in Strava? I cycle to and from work a lot and I just noticed that I don’t think those rides are shown in the Activities section of (and so are not contributing to my Fitness graph)?

I just found the ‘commutes’ toggle in the Activities page UI …! :slight_smile:

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I need to find somewhere to say “12 commutes not shown” or similar on that page. Catches a lot of people out.

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