Click to Zoom into Interval/lap?

I suspect I’m missing something but is there a way to click the interval header to auto zoom into the interval? I’m furiously clicking the various metrics in the header expecting it to zoom in but it just takes me to an edit pop-up.

Searched on the forum but can’t find anything clarifying this.


You need to click and drag on the data below in the graphs to zoom in (and double click to zoom back out) - there is no auto zoom functionality linked to intervals yet AFAIK

Ah cheers, I’ll tag this as feature request then as every time I try and zoom in to the interval using the drag method I end up accidently editing the length of the interval.

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Hmm. How to implement that when clicking the header already does edit? I could add a button on the edit dialog that does the zoom …

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Perhaps a small magnifying glass icon in the corner of the interval header as well? I intuitively wanted to click something on the header to zoom in to that section of the ride on the graphs below.

I will try … Its very hard to make these things look nice + the contact area has to be quite big so it can be poked with a fat finger on mobile. I am busy doing other work on that screen right now (custom plots in progress).