Changing FTP & Edit Option -- Where is it?

I am trying to change my FTP values for two activities — cycling and rowing. (I had a long period of inactivity). All prior posts on the subject reference the EDIT BUTTON on the Calendar page. I do not see an edit button. I suspect I am being thick, but can someone kindly help. Thanks.

Actually I did altered today my ftp to 239 at settings but it has not being reflected at Fitness charts that still shows 237.


For individual activities just click the FTP number in the summary:

For future activities go to /settings and change your FTP for cycling, rowing etc.

For bulk editing switch to the activity list view:

Hi David,

I altered my ftp to 239 yesterday in the settings but today and for future dates the chart at Fitness shows the old one.


The fitness chart shows FTP from activities so until you do a new activity (which will get the new FTP) the old one will appear.