Can the statistics column add the statistics for this month, last month, and this year?

Can the statistics column add the statistics for this month, last month, and this year?

Which statistics column? Space is always an issue with these things.

Sorry for that.
It’s in “Totals”, we can only select date from there, could you please add some quick select such as “This Month”、“Last Month”、“This Year” etc.

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I got a question regarding the same “Totals” page.

While this page shows me the total load, time and distance for my cycling activities, the value for target is strange. I‘d guess it‘s the value I used most for weekly target load. To be clear, it‘s not total target, it‘s not current week target load, it‘s something else.
Don‘t know why and struggling to understand that.

Even stranger. Depending on how I set the timeframe it shows different target load numbers.

So, when I set timeframe „2022“ it shows me 240.
When I set „Jan 1 - May 18“ it shows 300, which is my target for this current week.

Ah I understand now. Will see if I can get that done.

@MDus24 Could you please post some screenshots. Tx.

I‘m talking about this one.

2 different numbers, depending on what timeframe is selected, although it should be the same :man_shrugging:t2:

Other than that, 190 probably is my current weekly target training load, which I set here

240 could be target load from week 1 or the value I used the most for weekly target load. Don‘t know…

But I‘m wondering, if it shouldn‘t be a much higher TOTAL target load for all 20 weeks till now, so that we truely can compare target to real load.

Hmm I had a look and the “Target” stuff doesn’t work properly on the totals page. I will have to try fix it sometime.

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Yeah. I played a little with it and it‘s clear that target load on the totals page always shows the last single weekly target load number of your selected timeframe. So for 2022 it gives you the target load from the last December week (or the week before, when 0)

This is what it shows now. But I think you wanted more like a SUM of target load. At least on that totals page.