Can not edit Coaching tag

  1. If I remove athlete from coaching it is impossible to do so. I get warning I will be unable to anything, I click Yes, and athlete still has coaching tag.

  2. I can not add any tags to myself at all.

I wish to filter athletes I am currently working with. I could add another tag for them as workaround.

The coaching tag is automatically added to all the athletes you follow who you coach. You can add additional tags as needed. Unfortunately you can’t add tags to yourself. This is on the todo list.

What if I do not coach them anymore, but want to stay as friends?

If they remove you as a coach but leave you as a follower you will still be able to look at their data, just not make changes.

Can I remove myself from being their coach, but stay as follower?

I have finally figured out the problem and fixed the bug. You can now just remove that “Coaching” tag and you will no longer be coaching them but will still be a follower. I didn’t understand your first post well enough.

It did work yesterday, I removed one coaching tag. Today there is Access denied error message when removing tags. Also adding new tags shows Access denied.

Should be fixed now. Sorry about all the hassle.