Calorie consumption not loading from garmin connect

I just noticed, that kcal consumption is not loaded from garmin connect.

It is selected to be loaded from garmin connect, but it is not shown in daily report.

I have added a bunch of logging to try figure out what is happening. I suspect Garmin isn’t sending it but will know for sure tomorrow.


any news on this topic? i saw an update on garmin syncs but for me kcal consumed still stays empty :confused:

I just had a look and you don’t have Garmin wellness stuff turned on. If you turn it on I can look in the logs.

sry, i reinstalled my garmin connect. But probably i know what the problem is? Do the calories sync oonly with activities? I don’t use Garmin as my activities recorder, just tryibg to use it to sync my fitbess pal calories somehow without using google fit

Supposedly “consumedCalories” comes through with “dailies” from Garmin. I can see weight something through for you but no dailies. I don’t know what Garmin uses for “consumedCalories”.

I actualy just gave up with garmin after setting up everything again without success:) just writing to save your time