Calendar or Plan for adding future training sessions

Hi All I am very new here, what a fantastic tool. thank you. I am not very conversant with the technical detail of training and fitness improvements so i love the easily understood Fitness & Form Chart. I would now like to add bike, run & strength sessions that i hope to do over the coming weeks to see if my proposed work load will improve my fitness / form. Is it better to do this by adding future workouts into the Calendar or setting up a “Plan” under the library symbol?
Please note my session inputs will be very simple mainly based on time duration. do i need to add hoped for heart rate zones that i intend to work at?
Many thanks for any guidance you are able to provide. Best Wishes Jon

Thanks. You should probably just add those to the calendar. You can copy workouts that you do repeatedly from the calendar to your workout library and just drag and drop them in future. If you find you are repeating the same structure each week you can create a “one week plan” and drag and drop that onto the calendar for each week.

Hi David Thank you so much for explaining the difference between the calendar and planing. If i have understood correctly i actually think i will use the “plan” option. I tend to have a very similar weekly pattern of workouts. Its my intention to have a 4 week cycle with a lower load in week 3. Its my intention that this will be a common repeat. If i have understood it therefore sounds like setting this up in “planning” as a 4 week cycle and then “drop” the 4 weeks repeatedly into the calendar. I assume its only once the future workouts are dropped into the calendar and not just in the plan that i would get a projected view of Form and Fitness for the future? Best Wishes

Yes that will work and yes you will get a projection of your future form etc…

thank you so much - i will get on with this and post here if i have any further questions. thank you