Calendar not syncing to Google Calendar?!?

Hi, I was just checking the sync to Google Calendar functionality, but I can’t seem to get it working.
I’ve succesfully found the .ics address and added that (import from URL) into Google Calendar.

Recently added planned activities don’t show up.
Actually, the only ride that does show up is an activity I removed quite a while ago.

Might be the same issue as Google Calendar Integration so maybe some patience will fix it. Will update the post if that happens to be the case.

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Not sure how long the wait should be?
@david , could you maybe change the calendar’s address like you mentioned in the other topic?

I added your calendar to my own Google cal and it does seem to be working. I got one workout (Thurs 10th), “Bike: Klimrondje” on Sunday 13th and “Bike: Harbour Tour 2020” on 27th.

You’re right. Seem to be working now.
Google calendar being wonky, I guess…