Bulk edit interval label name

I just made a HIT session with 3 set of 15 interval of 30secondes.
Id like to label them as INT30s but doing them by hand is long.

Is it possible to do a bulk edit of the label name , by selecting the intervals to edit with a check box and then ggive them the same name .

something like the screen shot below

I have added that to the todo list. Intervals.icu already groups similar intervals so an easy way to do this would be to change the name of all intervals in the same group at once, rather than using checkboxes.


I am not really sure to understand what you mean but I cannit see How to you change similar interval in one shot ?

I can see that inteval group the work interval on the Work tab but cannot see options to edit the label in one shot .

There isn’t any such option yet, I just mentioned it as another way to approach this bulk edit request.

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Hi David,
I am after an option to bulk edit intervals (names) and found this request.
Any news to this end?
My interval-view always looks like that, with every interval labeled with “work”.