Bug with 'Best Efforts' on the power page


First of all, thank you for making this web app :). It is SOOOO useful! I would like to help make it better by reporting bugs :smiley:

Is there a non intrusive way to report a bug or to leave feedback? I would rather not make a post every single time :frowning:

In my screenshot, I’m trying to add 5m power but I can’t.

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Tx! I think I just fixed this. If you typed “5m” into the text field and clicked ok it was ignored. You needed to press enter to add the new time, then enter again or click ok to close the dialog. That should be fixed now.

This is the best place to report bugs / give feedback. Its helpful to get additional input from other people with the same problem or wanting the same feature etc.

Got it, thank you David! You’re doing a good job getting to everyone’s request :). Thanks so much and have a good day!