Bug: all bike workouts download as .zwo files


I’ve noticed something weird with downloading the bike workouts. No matter if I pick ERG, MRC, or any other option, they all end up as .zwo files. I can change the extension manually, and they seem to work fine in the TrainerRoad workout creator. One of the athletes I coach noticed the same thing. Strangely, this only seems to affect bike workouts, not runs.

Also, instead of the titles I write, these files have a default name “file.zwo”.

This was fine a few weeks back, I only spotted this bug recently.

Thanks for checking into this!


How are you downloading the workouts? I just put a test workout on my calendar and could download in different formats with no issues.

Works like normal for me.

Thanks for your replies.

I’ve found what was the cause of the problem - Polish diacritic sings ąćęłńżź, (“ó” works fine somehow). If they appear in the workout name - then it downloads as file.zwo, if I delete them then it works fine. So, not a big issue, I don’t know if it was always like that, for sure I’ve used Polish diacritics before in workout titles, but most of my athletes use Zwift so it wasn’t a problem. Recently one person started using TrainerRoad and they’ve noticed the problem.

Do you mind putting one of those on your calendar somewhere and sending me the date so I can test. I want to try and fix this. Tx.

Actually don’t worry, I have reproduced this and am trying to fix.

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I have fixed this bug. Planned workout names can now contain any characters and download properly.

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Maybe related: All zwift-workouts download as “file.zwo”, normaly it would be “name of the workout”.zwo. Anybody else having this?

I just tested Chome and Safari on my Mac and they both worked. Maybe try reloading the app? It might be slightly out of date. If that doesn’t work what browser and OS are you using?

Great, thank you very much!

Restarting and clearing the cache worked. Thanks for looking into it!

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