Black coloured workouts

Hi David,

Why would some workouts, past and future show as all black, instead of the normal colours for each zone. It has been loaded using the Workout Library for a block of 8 weeks.
If the workout is deleted, and captured from new, it seems to work fine.
It appears on my profile as well as the profile of someone I’m “coaching”.

I just had a look at your calendar and its all colours for me. You might be running an old version of the app. It is supposed to auto update but that doesn’t always work. Try reloading the browser page to see if it comes right and let me know. Tx.

Thanks for the quick reply.

No change after refreshing, logging out and back in.
I guess it’s not serious, but just an inconvenience when looking at it.
Funny thing, is that it’s random.

So sometimes it is working for you? Thats an important hint.

It shows the same on my phone, using both the Safari browser and Chrome, so it’s not exclusive to the PC running windows 10 and Chrome.

I have some blacks as well. I thought it was on those sports (in my case swimming) where the planned workout is based on power, but the sport setting does not have power values set-up

Is it so that colored sessions in the workout builder only occur with watts and not heart rate in the different zones? When i plan workouts for my athletes they are all black. My main sport is cross country skiing and there, it is not common using watts neither for skiing or roller skiing.

I had this problem where the workout was set to run after an import and it was black when I changed the workout type to ride the colours came back… -shrug-

Hmm I was hoping the black workouts problem had gone away. I haven’t managed to reproduce it but will have another look.

The zone colours should work with HR workouts. Thats a clue as to what might be going wrong.

I am busy sorting this out. If you don’t have power configured for the workout sport then it misbehaves. Busy organising things you can choose per sport to do workouts by power, HR or pace for workouts that have steps with multiple targets. This will decide what goes on the chart.

Hi David, all my indoor and road bike workouts are power based, while running and MTB aren’t (not power meters). The strange thing is that is was random on future and past workouts where I’m using my roads bikes (one gets used on the IDT).

The black workouts issue should be fixed now with the release of pace based workouts.

I’ve just started using the system so this may be a new user issue, but I’ve created some planned walk activities and they have a black bar (examples are 30m zone 1, and 30m zone 2) at the bottom in the .

If I edit the saved activity and change the Type to Ride, then the bar changes to green and I can save it. If I edit the Ride workout and change it back to Walk, the bar stays green on the editing popup, and then stays green on the calendar when I save it.

But if I open the workout again, the bar in the popup changes to black, and the workout reverts to black upon saving

Any ideas?

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It seems to work better if I put

  • 30m Z1 HR
    instead of
  • 30m Z1
    in the step. So perhaps that’s now resolved as a user issue :smiley:

Always post a screenshot, then it’s easier for fellow users to help debug.

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Yes if you just do “30m Z1” then that is a power zone and won’t work unless the sport has FTP and power zones configured. Changing to “30m Z1 HR” uses HR zones.