Bike type when I upload .fit file

Hi all !

I use Intervals in a standalone mode (without Strava, Garmin Connect…) and it works pefectly.
However, when I upload a .fit file, it could be nice to add the model of bike I used (as I have road bike and cyclocross bike). I see there’s a place to choose it, but it worked only when I used to use Intervals with Strava.
Maybe it’s already available and I didn’t see it.
Best regards !

I would like this feature, too!

I do have that on the todo list. Would be nice to do it properly e.g. bike composed of chain, wheels etc to track usage of components etc.


Is it possible, to add a function to automatically select the bike/trainer/rower/heartratestrap dependent of the powermeter/speed sensor/hrm ID in the fit.file?

I do get some of that info and have “equipment” on the todo list.

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Equipment would be cool.
Does equipment also include consumable(?) parts tracking such as chain, tyres, cassettes etc?

Yes. I need to be reminded to check my chain every 2000km or so … so thats the plan :slight_smile: