Best for the season

A run I just uploaded from yesterday is showing some odd season bests, as can be seen in this screenshot:

Screenshot from 2023-10-17 19-22-47

There’s nothing unusual about the activity and the gps track is smooth with no glitches.
Hovering over the incorrect fields doesn’t highlight anything in the charts.

Is there a way to correct these, or at least remove them so they don’t mess up the pace charts?

Under the activity time chart choose Actions → Settings and tick the “Ignore pace” box.

That activity has a sudden jump in distance near the end. You can see it if you open the activity streams CSV (download from the activity data page):

If you crop the activity and remove the last 20s or so it will probably come right. Zoom on the chart to exclude the last bit and do Actions → Crop.

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Thanks, the crop fixed it.

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