Average moving speed

As far as I understood, an average speed displaying in the activity takes into account elapsed time, but not moving. I guess it would be great if an average moving speed is also displayed.

The values on top of the activity page are Moving Time, Moving Speed, Moving Pace.
When you make selections on the graphs, you will see elapsed time and avg speed (including zeroes) if they are configured in the Fields.

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The average speed (with zeroes) is displayed on the top. It isn’t avg moving speedScreenshot_33

It is the moving speed calculated by intervals.icu. Just make a selection of the complete activity and check the avg speed… It will be lower if there are parts were you stopped.
This isn’t necessarily the same number as Garmin calculates because different suites use different thresholds for moving/not moving. On your recording device you probably have a setting for the speed at which it will pause. That is what is used by Garmin. Intervals has its own threshold and in your case the intervals threshold is lower then what’s configured on Garmin
You need this sort of threshold because otherwise everything will be moving time. The reason is the GPS location instability.
And surely, threshold speed will be different for running/cycling.
It’s one of those numbers that will never match in between different apps just like elevation.

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