Auto name an activity based on its imported filename

Hi David,

Very minor request but would it be possible to add an option to auto name a workout/activity based on the title of a filename? I’m currently using the Apple Watch app WorkOutDoors to record my running. I then rename the activity and export it as a FIT file. I then manually imported it into Intervals. It would be great if Intervals could default to naming the activity after the FIT file name (it currently just defaults to morning run, lunch run, evening run etc). I normally just go in an manually rename (to Long Run, Easy Run etc.).



The name would probably be a field in the FIT file. Can you rename the file before exporting? That might update that field and intervals might be using that field.
Just all guesses from me :slight_smile:

Oh I see you are renaming before exporting. That is odd. @david would probably want to see an example FIT file. You can load it into and see if there’s a name field and what it is.

Thanks @David_Ward . I can’t see a name field in the FIT file from WorkOutDoors (first field just shows it was an ‘activity’ and when it was created). Have checked with the WorkOutDoors developer and they don’t update the FIT file with the name (other than rename the filename). Am assuming Intervals creates the name based on when it was created. Wasn’t sure if this was something @David could solve easily.

The tricky bit is knowing when to use the name of the file for the activity name. doesn’t know that someone has carefully edited it or if it is just an identifier or something.

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Understood. Perhaps an option in settings (with the default being off)? To be fair it’s not that much of hassle to change the name manually! Thanks.