Angled line in graphs?

I’m confused about how some of my data is graphing. Most of it looks normal, but I often get straight angled lines. What causes this, and what does it mean for the overall reading of my data (is it included in totals?). It’s especially confusing to see it in the Moving graph, as this seems like a true/false category. Some of the dips have 90-degree bends (as I would expect), while others have angled lines. I thought this might be related to dropouts or zero readings, but when I clicked into “Fix Data,” none of the categories are checked.

Separately, I was going to dig into this on the “Edit Data” page, but it’s not very user-friendly. Time is only listed in seconds, and you can only click through 20 seconds at a time (pretty tedious if you need to get deep into a long ride). Showing time in a conventional format, and making the table scrollable would improve usability.

Thanks in advance!

The straight angled lines indicate gaps in the recording. If the gaps are long enough then that part is left out otherwise it is joined with a straight line. These are different to drop outs which are time ticks with no or zero data.

The moving stream is true/false as you suggest. The charts do a little smoothing if there are very many more data points than pixels so thats what causes the moving trace to sometimes have “half moving” values.

The manual data edit could certainly be improved. That was done very early in this project. I hope that mostly people can use the “Fix data” option. If you just want to look at the data you can download a CSV on the activity data page and open in Excel or Google Sheets etc…

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Definitely a recording issue as David says. Are you using ANT+ or Bluetooth recording Protocols?

David: What types of situations would produce “gaps in the recording”? You say these are different from drop outs. What else is there besides stops? My head unit has auto-pause enabled for rests.

I use a Bryton head unit with Stages and Quarq power meters. In your experience, do some head units deliver cleaner data? If so, any recommendations?

I am not sure. I only have experience with my own Garmin Edge 500 which makes gaps if I press the stop button during a ride and then restart.

The gaps shouldn’t cause any problems.

Some headhunts are set to “auto pause” at 4mk/h (as an example) so when climbing something steep at low speed you get a few gaps in recording as the speed is so low the recording never happened. Might be something to look at.

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