All synced trainer road workouts are bike rides


I managed to sync my calendar but all my scheduled workouts are bike workouts although it should be swim / run workouts as well.

Sorry for German screenshots but should be clear anyway…

Any ideas?

Unfortunately the TR calendar export doesn’t say what activity type the workouts are. So just assumes riding.

There’s a calendar export in TR?! How did you achieve that?

Ok, thanks.

Log in, Click google and then “Copy your calendar URL to your clipboard” and then add the calendar url to intervals… that’s it

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I also didn’t realise this was possible! Thanks for highlighting it!

Any chance the functionality could be added to search the workout library and fill in (or link) the workout if the name matches? This could be useful for planning workouts for the week around other calendar events in a google calendar or similar and then get them automatically sent to a device ready to be run automatically.