Adding races to multiple athletes

For coaching it would be nice to have folder for Races. Each race would have activity type (ride, run, tri etc). You could “subscribe” athletes for each race category A, B, C. Visually that could look like tag with athlete name. Subscription to race would automatically show up in athlete calendar.

More basic approach would be separate event for each category in same race. Then Folder would look like “Park 5k run - A”, or “Park 5k run - C”, depending what you select.

Other way to get same result (connect race with multiple athletes and it shows in calendar) could be to add race tags in Athletes View. That would need some table with races to choose from. I could be done like tags with name and date field.

I have considered building a shared searchable registry of races (find races near me etc.) which might meet this requirement. I am busy adding more social stuff to and that would fit in well.

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Might be worth speaking with the developer of this RaceDay…

Developed to be UK focused but brings together various race/ event portals into a single web based environment. Perhaps some possible opportunities for integrations etc? In fact, in the folllowing link they note that one of the planned features included an integration with

That would be good. RaceDay could easily integrate with and push athlete races to their calendars here.

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Ill add a note to the TR thread linking to here if you want?

Yes please. Thanks.

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