Add Training Load Error % as column to activities list

It would be great to have the Training Load Error % available as a column option when viewing the list of activities. It would make it much easier to dig into the high error activities and understand why they may deviate from the HR model developed from Power+HR activities (times of sickness, stress, etc.).

So load calculated from heart rate as a percentage of power/pace load?

Close, but I think it’s the difference between HR load and power load. In this screenshot, it’s the 65% value from the bottom chart. When I have a cycling activity without power, I’m curious how close the two load calculations are, and I just want to be able to review that value and other values for many activities at once.

I was thinking of it in a more general sense e.g. maybe if the load from HR is a lot higher than the load from power that might be interesting. I look closely at my avg HR vs avg power for ride. Maybe HR load vs power load would be better.

I have added this to the activity list view (along with columns for each load type):

Note that the error won’t always match the one shown on the HR page for activities. That model is built on the fly when you go to the page whereas the numbers reported here are stored on the activity at analyse time.

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