Actual power output overlaid onto Planned Workout

I hope that I’m not missing something simple, but is there any way to show the actual power output from a workout overlaid on top of the planned workout targets? I’d be really interested to see, graphically, how my efforts measured up against my intended intervals.

I’m relatively new to structured training, so if this isn’t useful for some reason or another, please feel free to ignore it. Thanks all.

This is planned and will be available soon. I am working on custom plots for the activity page to support that.

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@David I would presume that this would only be applicable when a planned workout is actually uploaded / created within intervals right? It won’t show up for example for a user who uses TR’s / SufferFest or even my BreakAway app with it’s own bundled workouts.

Just clarifying for the benefit of the OP

@app4g That is what I would presume as well. @david Thanks for the information and all your work. This entire platform just keeps getting better and better!

Thats correct. Tx guys.