Activity search?

Not sure if this is a feature request or if this already exists on the platform.

Is there a way to search my activities to find all the occasions where I did a specific workout (workouts defined on and added to the calendar, that is)? Another way one could approach that might be by providing the ability to search the activities by a variety of parameters like activity title, duration or other parameters (e.g. load or intensity).

An added bonus would be the ability to compare rides or workouts by overlaying the data on a single page. Right now I do it by opening multiple browser pages, but it’s not ideal. :slight_smile:

To address your first point yes. Go to activities page, change to list mode at the top and then add a filter to search by the parameters available… I use #tags to organise specific types of rides so I can filter them across various pages and charts wihtin

There is currently no compare function outside of opening multiple browser pages as you note

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Cool! :slight_smile: Thanks @Olly_Thomas!

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So, the list view looks quite good! It would be great if we could filter on other criteria like duration, intensity, etc. Also, the sorting only sorts the values on the currently displayed page, but it would also be great to sort all activities within the criteria range instead of just the current page.

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ooo… you put tags INTO the name. Does this also help in sorting/searching thru strava?

I for instance, would like to put rides of the same route to the same name. (or approximate like 90% of the same route)

Yep I tag in the name as it seems to give the most flexibility for then being able to filter in

Ref Strava, I don’t really do any searching/ filtering there but a quick check on a search for the #endurance tag seems to work

Yes I agree. It would be excellent to be able to filter the list (and other areas of where you can add a filter) with any of the data fields available for the columns on the list view.

I would also like to be able to add multiple filters so I could find all my rides are for example…endurance rides, over 4 hours, with a work rate greater than 3000kj and average power of Y

Currently I think this can only be achieved by exporting your activities list out to a CSV file by going back to grid view, options and then CSV export.

I have added moving time, elapsed time and coasting time for deployment Sunday AM (GMT+2). Each of these requires a bit of code on the client and server to evaluate so I can’t easily just add all the activity list columns.

I will see if I can add load, work and some other numeric stuff as well.


Incredible support as always @david thank you!

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Awesome! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Thanks @david

I have added a bunch of filters. More are on the way …


Interestingly, the search is only for past, completed activities. It doesn’t seem possible to search for activities that have been created for the future, i.e. races (by name). In fact, the list doesn’t show any future, planned activities at all.

Or am I missing something?

No that is correct it only searches activities at the moment. Planned workouts, races and so on don’t have their own “pages” so it’s not super simple to make that work.

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I love the list view!

While not training specific…would it be difficult to add a column that shows the privacy setting for the activity on Strava?

I’d like to see which activities i have set to “everyone” vs “only you” vs “followers”…

I don’t think Strava hands out that info. Also if you changed it on Strava wouldn’t get a notification so it would get out of date.

ah no worries. thanks for considering it and responding! :slight_smile: