Activity Power Curve not matching data


Was out for a ride yesterday (3hrs 15 moving) and despite the average power showing as 178watts the activity power curve has only set this to 140.

I searched back on the group and seen about rest breaks (we stopped for a coffee for 15minutes) but that seemed to imply the power drive would therefore only show the longest continuous block but line clearly goes to 3:15.

Also checked my spike setting, setting all the way to 400% and re-analysing the activity (did have set at 75%) but still only showing 140 for the ride.

Any suggestions appreciated.


The power curve uses elapsed time including all stops (average watts = total work in J / elapsed time in seconds). The total work for that activity is 2112 kJ and the elapsed time is 14986 seconds so the average power = 2112000 J / 14986 s = 140 w. Which is what you see on the curve after 4h or so.

The average power for the activity excludes long stops (e.g. your coffee stop) to show what sort of power you were doing while actually riding. In this case 178w.

Thanks, that makes sense