Activities - Different column content "Name" (solved)

If I look at the column content “Name” under Activities, it says ‘Indoor Cycling’, for example.

But if I search for activities under “Compare Activities”, the column “Name” says ‘Zwift - SST (Med) in Watopia’.

Can I make it so that the unit is also called ‘Zwift - SST (Med) in Watopia’ under Activities?

You are pointing to two different activities in the screenshot. Name should be the same in both cases for the same activity.
An indoor ride done as a free-ride (no workout) takes a standard name. One started from a workout, takes the name from the workout.
If you have both Strava and Garmin connected as source, the Fit file from Garmin will be used because it has the most data and the name from Strava can be used.

Sorry! You’re right!

I switched from Zwift to MyWhoosh in May.
I have to record with the watch because MyWhoosh doesn’t have an upload to Garmin yet. I overlooked that when I was looking for activities to compare.

download the fit file from MyWhoosh, and upload it to Garmin manually

I have now re-enabled the Strava upload alongside Garmin. MyWhoosh now comes via Strava, the rest via Garmin.
I learned a lot today! really has the best features for searching and comparing activities. I love it :slight_smile:

Likely never will

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Why do you think that?

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