A dedicated page for Gear & Component

I think Gear and component deserve a dedicated page (not “hidden” into settings). And I also would appreciate that reminders become more visible when they expire (e.g. in the calendar view on 90%expiry date).
Dave, thank you for the great job


Putting expired reminders on the calendar page is a good idea. I will try get that done.

A dedicate page for gear would be nice but the left hand menu is already too long. I need to figure out the navigation …


I think a dedicated page for Gear & Components would be wise.
The menu is not really too long in my opinion.

Current gear display is lacking, I don’t have an ideal solution yet, but actively thinking that it should display gear in some kind of table structure.
Clicking on specific components category could open the history of changes for that component and neatly display moving time, age, km, asc,… So we can easily see how long an item lasted.

I also miss or can’t find the retire date edit, it seems set up to today?

Another idea I have is to add service intervals to the component with additional counter that could notify the user when it is time to service the item. Maybe that is also implemented in some way, but I could not find it.

I would really love to start a debate about this whole section, so if anybody has better/other ideas, shoot!

So in short:

  • dedicated page
  • more tabular info about the gear+components, about component category itself
  • service intervals
  • option to change retire date

Keep up the good work!

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Are you able to create a sub-menu on the left in a way that power, HR and list view for an activity.

Gear could then be a sub-folder of settings.


  • Devices
  • Connections
  • Gear
  • other

I am new but could the gear data be added to the top/side data bar on the activities calendar. It could be used as a link to a gear page and wouldn’t have to crowd the side menu. Just a thought. Best app I’ve used and I’ve tried 90% of them✌🏼

I think it could show the same images as in settings (ring with color) and open when clicked. In my case I would have an indoor bike and an outdoor bike icon. I don’t think we need every item listed in the menu.

My best attempt. Hope it makes sense.:v:t3:

That could work. I put all the settings on one page so people wouldn’t have to go hunt for them but submenu would solve this gear page issue.

You can add reminders to gear and components. These fire when a given time, distance, date or whatever is reached.

Looking at the chain:

The check wear reminder:

The retire date is set automatically when you retire or replace a component:

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Thanks for reply :slight_smile:

Okay looking at setting the chain wear reminder, but still I can’t set the date back in past (okay I could set kilometers I want to check lower to offset it but it is wierd). So I think a customizable “Usage calculated since” would be great.

So for example I want to set a reminder for my suspension fork, that needs to be serviced every 120h and it would be great I could set up the reminder count beginning to the date I have serviced it last.

Can the intervals be repeateable, eg. after I do the service/check I can just click the reminder to go again?

The same with the retire date, if it would be customizable, I don’t need to retire the component on the exact date I remove it, but can add it later. Also I can then add historical data for components long gone.

I came over from a spreadsheet that I created so I just entered the “remaining” life to reminders from my data.

Ex. chain waxing 150 miles already had 50 miles so I entered 100. Once completed, I just corrected it to 150 miles and now it is correct. I just hit reset after completing a reminder.

I created indoor and outdoor bikes (though the same) because, as an example, no tire wear on trainer but sealant still ages, etc.

Regarding backdating you need to capture different starting values for distance and so on to achieve that.

The reminders are repeatable. You can “Reset” them. This is good for service intervals e.g. your fork.

However for a chain you would use the “Replace” option. This retires the old component and creates a new one with the same reminders (reset). I have a check wear reminder at 3300km which just carries over whenever I replace my chain.


I never thought about that. When I replace my chain I won’t have to change the chain waxing reminder. Just reset it with the installation of the new chain.

I really like this feature.

That’s great mileage from an 11 speed chain. I am fastidious about drivetrain cleaning. I get about 2,000km from an 11spd chain.

My KMC 11spd is at 6000+ km now… usually lasts until 7-9k

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How is your weather when riding?

I get about 9000km off a chain (road bike), also Shimano 11-spd. I’m on 36000km on two cassettes that are rotated with every major service. Chain is wiped clean after each ride and degreased and lubed every two weeks.

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@gerald @app4g absolutely insane figures. You measuring to 0.5% wear?

Chain wiped clean after every ride as an absolute minimum and 100% fully cleaned and re-lubed after being out in the wet.

Often riding very wet weather. Ireland. I can get up to 3.5k km on a 10 speed. Also generally used Ultegra or 105 chains but recent info from a mechanic I know suggests they don’t last as long as KMC or SRAM. I just installed a PC-1130 on my 11 speed. It won’t get much of a run out over the winter as I’ll use other bikes but I’ll see how the SRAM behaves.

I know nobody around me who races and gets more that 2.5k - 3k km from an 11 speed chain. There are leisure cyclists I know who get much more mileage from them alright.

i use the chain wear tool, not sure what % of wear it is. I’m mostly ONLY in Sunny weather unless caught in the rain mid-ride. And I pseudo-wax my chain (not true wax, but like wax) every 1000-2000km.

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I always change on 0.75, as 0.5 is too late. If the Shimano (CN-HG701-11 116 link) is not available, I’ll get the KMC (X11SL 118 links).

The most water we get is when crossing a road where there’s a leaking water pipe; and occasionally raw sewerage (this is reality in South Africa, sadly). I can’t remember when last we had rain on a ride. Our winters are 99% dry, summer usually has a thunder storm in the afternoon or evenings, although we have had rain at random times of the day.

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0.75% is too late for an 11 speed. 0.5% is optimal and recommended for 11 speed chains. Once you’re hitting 0.75% wear on an 11 speed it’s too late. I found out this to my cost.


My error; I am doing that way.

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