2 comparable workouts with very different values "load/movement time"

I recorded two workouts (mountain climbing). In one, load and times (movement time & workout time) are the same. In the last activity, which has very similar values (heart rate, speed), the movement time is suddenly 3 hours and the actual time is almost 11 hours. Suddenly, the load here no longer fits. In the comparison tour 403 and in the current one far too few with 71 are given. I haven’t changed anything in the settings.

The data is read from Garmin Connect (Fenix 6s Pro) and there the data of the two comparison tours are very similar and, in my opinion, consistent. What am I missing or what do I have to do to ensure that the data is calculated correctly?

Load is OK/ Time also OK

Load is not OK, I think// Time is different

The difference in load is caused by the algorithm in intervals that calculates moving time. There is a cutoff at low moving speed and I think you were right on the edge of that cutoff. So in the first one, intervals thinks that you were moving for 11hr at a given HR while in the second one, only 3 hours. That makes a big difference when using HR for load calculation.
I also noticed that these workouts were filed as a “Weight training” (icon top left). Why are you logging them as Weight training?
I don’t know if there is a workout type in intervals that ignores speed. If there is, you could use that and log them as a “Cardio” workout, only calculating load from time and HR. Then you would need to pause your watch when taking a break.
For climbing, VAM (Vertical ascent speed/hour) zones might be a solution. But that doesn’t exist now.
A quick solution for now is to edit the load manually by clicking on the pencil next to Load.
Or, try this (just found it while replying):
Go to Actions - Settings and check this box:

I’ve never used it, so I’m not sure it will do what you need. But the description seems to match the use case…

Thank you for the detailed description. Now I can understand why the difference is there. Then the movement time is used for the calculation. The best solution would be if you could change the movement time manually, as you write. Unfortunately, I can’t find the pen for editing. Could this function “manual correction of the movement time” be installed? In the event of a correction, however, the load should also be recalculated.

The guy comes from the Garmin Connect. I have defined there a manual type = mountain climbs, which is then converted to intervals to type = climbing. It’s OK and not really wrong.

Even if I exclude the pace and speed, the movement time = elapsed time is adjusted but the load is not adjusted. Too bad, at the moment I only have to correct the load manually to a perceived value.


I tried this on one of my walk-workouts and the Load was corrected to reflect the extra workout time, but I have Pace based load. Strangely, the HR load is not corrected…
Before ignore velocity

After ignore velocity

Maybe @david can shed some light on this.

Many thanks…

I set speed and temp to ignore. Movement time has been corrected. Nevertheless, the movement time of 10:30 h is significantly more than the sum of the times in the HF zones with approx. 3:20 h. So I think the load will probably not be able to be calculated correctly.

I mainly train for extreme tours in the Alps at over 4000m. There you actually often move at very little speed, because you only get forward by climbing and you have to be careful not to support yourself. So it would be good if you could completely deactivate the exercise time for these sports in particular. So the calculation is done with the full time. If we take a break, I can also press the pause button.

I have fixed this. The HR code wasn’t using the ignore velocity flag and wasn’t including “not moving” time in the HR stats for time in zones and the load calculation. Tx @MedTechCD for all your help on this thread.

The HR load for the June 19th climb is now 391 and the time in zones is better:

@Michael_Hauser You need to do Actions → Re-analyze to fix other climbs. You can do this in bulk from the activity list view.

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Many thanks… :slightly_smiling_face: