Zwift activities to Intervals through Garmin Connec

I was wondering if anyone can help me out, I must be overlooking somerhing.

I synch my outdoor activities form Garmin Connect (GC) to Intervals, works like a charm.

But synching a zwift activity to GC, and on to Intervals does not. It does show up in GC, but does not “synch on” to Intervals.

Is it so that activities nor original to GC do not synch?
I am missing something?
Any other suggestions to get my Zwift rides into Intervals?

(I used to run my Garmin Edge parallel to Zwift during the indoor activity and that worked fine. But since Zwift uploads directly into GC I hoped to cut out the Garmin Edge during the indoor activity. )

Not so long ago Garmin stopped allowing syncing of third party activities via the api. Not sure on best other options other than a manual upload, use of Dropbox or (as I do), via Strava.

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I was not aware of that, thanks for the update!