Uploading File (Suunto)

Hi Team
I am very new here. I use an AI Training System called TrainAsOne - I can download the .zwo workout but not the .suunto workout.

workout-3280BC_1-repetition.zwo or workout-3280BC_1-repetition.suunto

It says the file format is not recgonised - which might be possible. The problem is that the .zwo file adds “Power” to the workout and the workout also says this “- Sorry, ZWO does not support mixed time and distance-based running workouts. Please run this workout manually: Run back 10s freeride 0%”

Anyway, I was hoping to drop the file here so that you can look at it and perhaps enable the file to be imported as a workout.


Can you please mail that file to david@intervals.icu and I will have a look. I can’t promise anything though.