Retroactive FTP tweaks?

Maybe this already exists so forgive me if I’m missing it but I was hovering around a 365ish eFTP back at the end of March. Don’t get excited as it’s only around 3.0 w/kg.

I’ve leaned pretty hard on the eFTP feature as between the mental games and very real training disruption of even a ramp test I’ve found the eFTP to be “close enough” to stroke my ego but also validate and reset zones as needed.

Anyhoot, Covid hit our household at the beginning of April so I manually lowered my FTP down a bit. Now that I’m beginning to get back on par with some of that late-March fitness, I’m probably overdue for another manual FTP bump.

Part of me says I should wait for an eFTP bump to validate it but with race season underway, those efforts that might qualify don’t always happen. 50+ ten-second efforts above 500 watts in a race don’t merit a bump in eFTP despite the fitness required to do that often justifying it. I’m getting eFTPs of 330w from a 2:46 race, and 319w from a 2:43 race but again, without one long sustained effort in there to justify a bump on it’s own.

The problem is I got an IF of 95% and 93% and a Load of 252 and 237 respectively for those races. This throws a wrench in the gears for time in zone, Fitness/Form tracking, etc. I’m willing and able to manually update my FTP back to pre-Covid infection levels to prevent this but when I adjust that FTP, I’m getting the impression from the pop-up warning that this will affect all rides. In a perfect world, I’d ideally pick a date that this new FTP should or should have gone into effect, thus only adjusting it for those rides and not my entire 1200 rides or whatever. Does that make sense?

Select the list view in the activities page, set the desired start and end date, select all activities and click “Edit” and “Set FTP, weight or W’” from the menu. That lets you edit the FTP for the selected activities only.

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If you change your FTP in /settings it will only apply to new rides. Where are you seeing that popup?

You can also manually drop eFTP from a given date by adding a calendar entry:

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