Restore default FTP settings & left/right data adjustment

Hi David,
First time to posting some new ideas here to see if they will be considered.

  1. I mistakenly input a wild guess FTP in the run settings and afterward the training load and FTP in the fitness page jump up significantly.
    i) I feel using original heart rate zone is better to measure my running load. Can user reset the FTP settings in general and in an specific activity back to “?” so that only heart rate zone is taken for calculation? (Something like restore to default function)
    ii) Can we separate the FTP, eFTP and rFTP in fitness page. I think currently FTP of cycling and running are mixed together in the chart but Garmin IQ FTP is much higher than cycling FTP, which make the chart jumping up and down.

  2. the fixed data function “p(i) = p(i) * scale + offset” is really great. I would like to see if such patching function can be applied separately to left/right pedal data because most of the time the systematic error from wrongly calibrated power meter may be different between Left and Right pedals.

Thank you.


You can choose to use HR instead of power for training load per sport in /settings:

The advantage of keeping your power settings (even with bad FTP) is that you can start to get an idea of what your running FTP might be on the /power page.

I have separating out FTP by sport on the fitness page as a bug and will be fixing it soon.

I will have a think about how to make the data fix function applicable to only left or right. It’s a bit tricky because there is only one power number and a separate balance field for left/right. It might work if I used the balance percentage to “split” the power and applied the function to the split value, the combined again. Would work best with only a scale factor and no offset.

Thank you David,

Saw the option and switched back to heart rate based. Problem solved.

Agree that data patching is rare case and simple is better. I also adjusted the skewed data in aggregate for that event and the revised TSS is closed to other race in similar efforts. The overall integrity is fine.

Thank you and this platform is just amazing!!

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