Question/BUG sync Strava vs Garmin

Hi David,
I just found an activity that seems to have synced from Garmin, but the L/R data seems to be missing (it is there in GC).

To troubleshoot and make sure that all my data made it from GC to intervals, I looked at the “activities” page with the column “external ID” enabled. Most files will say “garmin-push-” with a number. Recent files, from about June2021 onward seem to only have the 10-digit fit-file name.

So I guess I have two questions:

  1. Am I right in assuming that all files are now “in sync with” GC?
  2. How come the L/R balance data is missing from the example above?

That one is from Strava, not GC. Activities from GC get a “View on Garmin Connect” link. You can also choose Options and tick the “Show activity source” box on the calendar.

I see… Somehow I thought all files have synced with garmin.

About sync and uploads: I really like having links to both garmin and strava like in the recent activities.
When running became more supported in intervals I uploaded all runs manually (to get the power data into Intervals that did not make it from strava). Now those don’t have a link to either garmin nor strava and the source says “upload” (although the tiles synced fine from strava).

So my question is: Is there a way to get all past activities to have a link to both GC and strava?

I did the sync with gamin as far back in time as their API seems to allow. Worked for all activities except for everything in April 2021 for some odd reason.

Please send me a link to one of the uploads that has a matching Strava activity. I should be able to get the “View on Strava” to show up.

Getting past activities from Garmin is a bit hit and miss. If you want complete Garmin history in the “Import all Garmin data” button is the way to go.

Here is one:

About “Import all Garmin Data”: Will this go back further than 09/2020 (as opposed to the option under activities sync)?
I don’t care to import wellness data (I honestly think it’s basically junk data from GC).
Don’t really need workouts either.
My understanding is that “Import all…” will pull wellness etc. as well.

Here is a link from a ride that should have synced in April 2021 but didn’t:

You can untick the boxes to import the wellness stuff then you will just get the activities. You will get everything on GC.

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Thank you David- It is only now that I understand what the option does, and that garmin even offers this service of “bulk download”- cool!