Push workout to Wahoo

Wahoo checks the TP calendar and displays the workouts listed there. I use a free TP account for that. Drag the workout into today and I am ready to go.

So let me get this straight… workouts built in .icu will cannot be imported into TP either via API or manually. icu workouts cannot be sent to Wahoo units remotely, only via USB.

Is there any way to get a plan from .icu onto a wahoo? And by that I mean the plan, not just individual workouts?


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As far as I know the answer is no.

Somebody pointed out that you can export your Intervals individual workout to a .zwo file, import it in TrainerDay, THEN export it to TP, which finally syncs to your Wahoo.
Very disappointing flow.

@david , not sure this is still in place and also not sure the following is an issue, but it seems i) wrong and ii) awkward to me:-o)

I’ve this L/R balance chart in my Fitness page:

The actual L/R-balance numbers/ratios shown on the right for the individual rides are correct (same as the ones the Wahoo Bolt shows me on the device’s summary).

However, the actual graph on the chart is kinda strange. Why’s the number of a “L/R balance” now 48–49?
I guess what you are considering to plot is the “L fraction” of power?
i) For me, this graph is the “R fraction” of power.
ii) I guess the graph should have a different axis label… (Numerically, “L/R balance” would be something like 1.05, 1.08, …)

Hmm … then I would need to change what is displayed for the individual activities as well “L/R Balance 52/48”. So thats 52% left 48% right.

Sorry for the “picky” comment.

First, I don’t think there is any issue if you write “L/R balance = 52/48” – in fact, that is strictly;y correct, I’d say;-)

I do understand the issue you have with the “how do I display this graphically” and I could see how you say I only plot one of the two numbers (as the other one is trivially obtained from it as 1 - N).

But with respect to the exchange of numbers above and me wondering about it to begin with, it would be useful if you kinda could specify whether you plot the L or the R part.
From the legend I assumed you plot L, but in the graph you have R.

Whether that’s a mistake in my interpretation of the label or due to the “Wahoo inversion” you mention above is something I cannot decide.

Maybe you could label the axis of that graph as “balance (L fraction)” or “balance (L part)”? (Or use R, obviously;-)

Is this still the only (non-USB) option for syncing plans to Wahoo?
I thought I had read here in the Forum that you can manually copy/upload I.icu plans to TrainingPeaks, but searching for it this post of @Zen_Turtle is the closest I can find😳

hey there. I’ve used this trick for a couple of months, it worked perfectly. I could live with this minor inconvenience of having to put the files onto the device manually. Yet this stopped working with last week’s update of my ROAM. Wahoo support tells me the feature was never official and therefore can’t help me.

I hope my post doesn’t hijack the topic too much, but I wanted to give people who depend on this feature a heads-up. edit: there is an existing thread for this Wahoo bolt and roam / no MRC plan sync

Noooooooo!!! Yep confirmed my custom workouts are now gone from the Bolt also.

Well that answers the question of if it’s worth replacing my Bolt when it dies.

The Bolt is not even visible anymore when conected to my PC… So I can´t even see any folders anymore. Someone with the same issue?

Not me – the Bolt’s directory tree is visible and I can put plans into the directory, but it does not show these on the device anymore, not even after “sync”.

If enough support tickets are logged about this feature disappearing they might bring it back.

I’ve tried the way suggested before : zwo file-trainerDay-Tp, all ok for intervals at steady watt, Ok with ramps but I can’t see intervals with range of power.

I opened a service ticket and the service team will request the software development team - let’s see.
But as said, the more service tickets there are, the more aware they are about it.

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done right now